Announcement of Our No-Show Policy

Dear Guest,

Please help us by registering responsibly.

Everyone interested to register for our events will be requested to complete and sign, out of their own free will, a short registration form where our registration and payment terms and conditions are clearly stated.

By registering for an event, it means you will attend the event. We will understand and excuse you if you are unwell and have a medical certificate from a doctor. However, it is not ideal to register (the equivalent of placing an order) with a service provider confirming that you want work to be done for you, and then changing your mind later. If you are unable to attend, please arrange for someone to take your seat.

Payment is required from absentees and no-shows unless they are certified medically to be unwell on the course day. We welcome substitutes to attend on behalf of the registrant. As preparations are made in advance for every registrant, this policy is to be fair to our learning and development staff and partners here who are working diligently to make everything happen smoothly.

This policy is in place to protect the work we do here. We are really grateful to be given opportunities to provide our learning and development services to many companies and individuals from different walks of life over the years, and we do our best to make a living just like everyone else.

However, this cannot be at the expense of our mental health and company operations.

Please help us by registering responsibly.

As you read this, we sincerely thank you for putting yourself in our shoes to understand our perspective as service providers.

Warm regards,

Ms. Amelia
General Manager
Business Communication Asia
Business Communication Studio

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